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It is recommended to use the thickest and heaviest channel possible for the project.

-2.0 (1/2” leg) is used on thinner projects. 

-2.0 Plus (3/4” leg) for 1.25-2.5” thick wood

-2.0 Heavy (1” leg, thicker metal) for 1.75” and up

-2.0 Long (1” leg, thicker metal) for 1.75” and up NOTE: 2.0 Long is for the length of the table and slots are in the direction of the channel.

There is some personal preference on this, but keep in mind that the longest channel for the project is best. Bidwell recommends using channel that leaves 3-4” from the end of the wood, this way it is generally out of the way of hands, and out of view. An example in this situation would be a 44” slab would use a 36” channel, leaving 4” on each end. Although lots of our customers like to run 1.5-2” from the edge and in this example a 44” slab would use a 40” Channel. 

No, you do not have to use inserts and screws. While traditional screws or lags do work, we recommend RAMPA for the ease of use, adjustment ability, looks, and overall installation quality.

The amount of slots in the channel are in the product listing. Commonly only every other slot is used making sure to use the outer slots. 

Our C-Channel is made of HR ASTM A36 Steel, laser cut, CNC formed, sandblasted and powder coated in black wrinkle finish. Bidwell’s C-channel is not repurposed off the shelf materials but purpose designed and built. 2.0, 2.0Plus are made of 10gauge steel, 2.0 Heavy & Long are made of 3/16” steel. 

For ease of installation pre-packaged screw and insert kits are available. 

-2.0 uses RAMPA Pack 1

-2.0 Plus uses RAMPA Pack 2

-2.0 Heavy uses RAMPA Pack 3 or 4

-2.0 Long uses RAMPA Pack 3 or 4


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